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March Madness: Special Promo Code, new releases and free videos!

2017-03-23 News

March Madness: Special Promo Code, new releases and free videos!

It's March, it's almost spring, the weather is getting better...

...so why go outside now?  It's time to stay in and watch more Pink Eiga TV!!  We're always adding more titles to our library of films so that each of our fans' interests and desires and properly represented.  Like a more funny erotic type of film? A scarier one?  A more heartfelt film?  We have what you're looking for.  Now, for the rest of the month of March, Pink Eiga TV is offering you the fans an exclusive promo code. This, once entered at checkout, is good for 20% off your ENTIRE order!! 

The promo code is: pinkmadness

enter this code at checkout FOR YOUR DISCOUNT.  Happy watching!



Watch exclusive gravure films, only at Pink Eiga TV!

Pink Eiga TV offers a huge variety of erotica, and gravure films are no exception.  These films usually consist of one girl seductively looking into the camera, moving around in scantily clad clothing.  More titles to come soon!! Check OUT these sexy18 films on OUR NEWEST GRAVURE SECTION HERE!



Watch some free gravure videos on pinkeiga.tv!

Hollywood Hills Hotties: Part 1

Kitty dawns her skull bandana and dark hoodie, shaking herself to the beat against the urban backdrop of graffiti and rubble.

Hollywood Hills Hotties: Part 2

Get up close and personal to this Hollywood Hottie! Kitty stares right into your soul as the camera slowly moves around her.

Hollywood Hills Hotties: Part 3

Kitty makes standing up against a brick wall look real, real good. Dancing, twirling, caressing her hair and body, this episode is smoking!


Stream these films or grab a Pink Eiga subscription and watch them all! 

Reminding you, Erotica for less through the end of March, using The promo code pinkmadness

enter this code at checkout FOR YOUR DISCOUNT.  Happy watching!


Winter Sports

Two guys at a ski resort fake injuries to attract women. They soon find themselves in bed with some hot chicks getting a lot of tender loving care. When one of the girls finally figures out their little scheme they throw the men out and play with each other.



We rescued this obscure 1970s fairy tale spoof from extinction. Now we're questioning why' Rindereller wants to go to the ball but has to get the "Fairy Godmother Father" to help her out. Fairy Godmother Father wears a pink nightgown and has sex with our little heroine. He transforms her beat up Volkswagen Bug into a spiffier ride. The ball consists of a few hippies in an apartment slow dancing to bad music. She meets a swishy prince type dude who goes looking for the woman who left her bra at the ball. Everyone in this groovy film talks hippie-speak. This is truly bizarre stuff!  It's apparent from watching this gem that shaving was not as big in the 70s as it is today. Someone needs to buy Rindereller a razor.

Playgirls of Munich

Chuck and Barney, two loveable but lazy telephone repairmen, stow away on a private jet only to parachute into Munich, Germany, where the duo become security guards to "Miss Bavaria," followed by a stint in a sex club where they run afoul of the local mafia kingpin.  Ending up in a college sorority house that turns out to be a high-class brothel, Chuck and Barney have no trouble cramming their American pork into some steaming hot German "dishes" before running into the mafia bad boys again! 

thanks again from all of us here at Pink Eiga TV!

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