Shigeru Nakano

Poster image Shigeru Nakano

Shigeru Nakano is the vocalist of the legend punk rock band in Japan, ANARCHY. He was born in January 2nd, 1960. He started ANARCHY in 1978, and got best vocalist in a contest named “EAST WEST” sponsored by YAMAHA. Their major debut was 1980. Since their debut, they had release 9 albums, and after they changed the band name to The Rock Band, they had released 2 albums. ANARCHY slept, and then Nakano started solo working. ANARCHY was restarted in 2005 to record its first new song in 20 years. 1n 2008 the documentary about them, “ANARCHY” was screened in Japan. His debut as an actor was 1983 in Yoichi Sai’s film, “Mosquito at Tenth Floor.” Since then, he has played many movies. He is a regular actor for Tsumugi’s director, Takahara Hidekazu’s films. They often work together.

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