Azusa Sakai

Poster image Azusa Sakai

Born on November 1 in 1969 in Aichi Prefecture. She is now considered as one of the top 4 MILF stars in Japan. She made her Adult Video (AV) star debut in 1999 with the name "Miyuki Kanno," but she changed her name as Kyoko Kazami in 2000. She mostly worked as an Indie label star at first. One of her friends Kyoko Kazami who was already Pink Eiga star introduced her to Pink Eiga industry, and she started acting in many Pink Eiga movies and V-Cinema (Straight to DVD movies.) At the same time, she changed her stage name to "Azusa Sakai" as an actress. She received Best Actress Award in Pin Eiga Grand Prix in 2003. She retired from AV in 2008, and she now focuses on Pink Eiga and V-Cinema as an actress.

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