Maki Tomoda

Poster image Maki Tomoda

Maki Tomoda (born August 20, 1972) is a Japanese actress who is best known for her appearances in adult videos. Making her AV debut in 2002, after her 30th birthday, Tomoda's prolific work (including over 500 DVD appearances listed at Amazon in late 2010) reflects the growing market for "mature woman" or "madame" actresses which appeared in the AV marketplace in the mid-1990s. In 2006 Tomoda was given the Erotic Cinderella award for Best Actress. The same year, Tomoda appeared in a non-AV production, "Kage no Hikari," an independent French-Japanese documentary portraying her. As a Pink Eiga actress, she is famous for "Three Slave Women." She worked with Japanese Cult Movie actress, Asami.

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