Shiro Shimomoto

Poster image Shiro Shimomoto

Shiro Shimomoto is internationally known for the role in the action pink film, S&M Hunter! He was born in Osaka, Japan on August 14, 1948. He started his career as an actor in director Banmei Takahashi’s pink films in the early 1970s. He has worked with Takahashi in many other films and has also starred in the works of other noted filmmakers, including, Kōji Wakamatsu, Akira Fumakachi, Kazuyuki Izutsu, and Shūji Kataoka among others, amassing a filmography of more than 250 pink films. He was given a Best Actor award at the first annual Pink Grand Prix covering the year 1988, and a second in 2006 for his performance in Shinji Imaoka's Uncle's Paradise. Recently he has also starred in mainstream films and TV shows.

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