Takashi Naha

Poster image Takashi Naha

Takashi Naha is prestigious skillful actor of Pink Eiga world, but he also shows wonderful performances in TV drama, stages, V-cinemas and mainstream films. He was born in August 22nd 1967 from Hiroshima. Although he had mainly played in stages, TV and V-cinema since his debut, he has worked on famous filmmakers’ movies like Banmei Takahashi and Juzo Itami. His Pink Eiga debut film was “Tsumugi,” and since then he has got much more opportunities to play on Pink Eiga films. Recently, he is supposed to be one of the most important actors in Pink Eiga world. Finally, He won a long-cherished award: best actor of Pink Eiga film festival 2008. Therefore, “Tsumugi” is considered as the turning point for his career. Award Best actor of Pink Eiga film festival 2008

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