Yumeka Sasaki

Poster image Yumeka Sasaki

Born in 1972 in Hiroshima she was led to acting after winning local beauty contests in Hiroshima. From there, she moved onto acting in TV and commercials and eventually made her Pink Eiga debut in 1998 in Shinji Imaoka’s film “Deme-King.” Yumeka claims that she didn’t know it was a Pink Eiga, instead thinking it was a direct-to-video action film, but after appearing in the film, she became interested in the Pink Eiga. She says what attracts her to Pink Eiga is its ability to reveal things about the world that mainstream films can’t. Yumeka Sasaki is known for her portrayal of strong, unyielding women and punk chicks. Her younger sister, Nikki Sasaki, also performs in Pink Eiga and they’ve even appeared together in Osamu Sato’s film “Nurse Sisters.”

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