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J-Girl Yummy: Riko Mizuki - Teaser

  J-Girl Yummy: Riko Mizuki

J-Girl Yummy is proud to bring you the sexiest Japanese girls in the most beautiful settings, wearing the least amount of clothes.

In this gravure (tease) video you'll get up close and personal with Japanese hot MILF and JAV pornstar Riko Mizuki.

Mizuki-san is the perfect example that age is just a number. Having been born in 1985, she recently celebrated her 37th birthday. Despite that, she has a very youthful look and a tasty, perky body, and you'll enjoy watching this hot MILF in her office lady cosplay outfit and stockings. But don't let her innocent looks fool you... This girl is down to show you everything she's got!

  Personal Information
☆NAME: Riko Mizuki
☆SIZE:T 158cm/B 80/W 59cm/H 88cm

twitter and instagram N/A

J-Girl Yummy: Aoi Kururugi - Teaser Trailer

  J-Girl Yummy: Aoi Kururugi

J-Girl Yummy is proud to bring you the sexiest Japanese girls in the most beautiful settings, wearing the least amount of clothes.

In this gravure (tease) video you'll get up close and personal with buubly, youthful Japanese model, idol and JAV pornstar Aoi Kururugi.

You won't be able to stop watching this cute girl and how she plays with the camera, and with herself.

 ☆NAME:Aoi Kururugi



☆SIZE:T 154cm/B 82/W 59cm/H 88cm

☆twitter: https://twitter.com/aoi_krrg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aoi_krrg/

Early Girlies

  Early Girlies 3 (FREE!)

See what your grandfather jacked off to at the nickelodeon! Early Girlies 3 is a compilation of vintage solo scenes of the sexiest ladies of the time. Shot circa 1930, it's amazing to see how these hotties from back in the day can still cause a stir in the nether regions of their viewers. a must-see for vintage girlie lovers. 

Dismembered - Trailer

  Dismembered [DOWNLOAD TO OWN]

70 mins.


Takuya, a psychiatrist, finds himself tied up at the beginning of this story, at the hands of one of his obsessive patients.  After she has her way with him, her deranged mind decides to take a keepsake from him: his manhood.  After months of rehab and a successful transplant, Takuya is back to his normal self... and then some.  His sex life with his wife, Saori, is reinvigorated and better than ever.  Just as Takuya fully gains his confidence back, he starts to have visions of a strange woman that he's never met.  Unable to shake these visions, Takuya goes to visit the woman, inexplicably knowing where she lives.  He slowly begins to realize that this woman was in love with the man that donated his package after his death, and that he's also slowly losing his own identity.  Dismembered answers the age old question: does a man think with his big head or his little head?

Master of Photography: An Interview with Cinematographer Masahide Iioka

  Master of Photography: An I...


8 mins.


Iioka has been a staple of Pink films for years, and has shot a number of films with director Daisuke Goto. Also, he's shot over 100 Pink films in all! Iioka talks in this featurette about how he go into the industry and learned his craft, and goes into detail over the overall strategy of lighting and shooting A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn.

Movies Are My Life

  Movies Are My Life


11 mins.

This short extra feature is an intimate interview with noted Pink film director Daisuke Goto.  Goto goes into how he got into the film business, starting as an assistant director, and eventually getting invited to a Pink Eiga screening.  He was drawn to the visual style and gorgeous 35mm filmmaking and began submitting scripts to Pink studios.  A Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn is perhaps his most important work as a Pink director, and Goto explains what went into making that piece of art.

Hollywood Hills Hotties: Part 3

  Hollywood Hills Hotties: Pa...

Kitty  makes standing up against a brick wall look real, real good.  Dancing, twirling, caressing her hair and body, this episode is smoking!

Hollywood Hills Hotties: Part 2

  Hollywood Hills Hotties: Pa...

Get up close and personal to this Hollywood Hottie! Kitty stares right into your soul as the camera slowly moves around her.

Hollywood Hills Hotties: Part 1

  Hollywood Hills Hotties: Pa...

Kitty dawns her skull bandana and dark hoodie, shaking herself to the beat against the urban backdrop of graffiti and rubble.

Exposed Next Door: Part 2

  Exposed Next Door: Part 2

Reiko Yamaguchi, star of the Japanese Wife Next Door and many other Pink film classics, is interviewed by legendary director Yutaka "Mr. Pink" Ikejima.

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