Yukijiro Hotaru

Poster image Yukijiro Hotaru

Yukijirō Hotaru is a Japanese actor. Born on August 27, 1951 in Saitama prefecture. He is internationally known for the detective in "Gamera" Series, and also the detective in "Groper Train" Series by Academy Award Winning Director, Yojiro Takita. Filmography Groper Train - Search for the Black Pearl (1984) Groper Train - Wedding Capriccio (1984) Sexy Timetrip Ninjas (1984) Sexy Battle Girls (1986) Time Adventure: Zeccho 5-byo Mae (1986) Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys (1999) Sexy S.W.A.T. Team Mourning Wife (2001) The Silence of the Sushi Rolls (2002)

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