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Check into the Pleasure Hotel!


Check into the Pleasure Hotel!

Pink Eiga TV released TWO NEW TITLES TODAY!!

Looking for plans this weekend? Well, we know where you can start.  Pink Eiga TV has released two brand new, never before seen titles, and they're available to stream and download now!  If you're a subscriber, then what are you waiting for?!  You have access to any and all films on our site! Check out our new releases page and see all the great films we've added this year.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming newsletters.  We have some incredible new releases headed your way soon, including the highly anticipated sequel to a classic
Pink film.  Get excited, but keep your clothes on!






71 mins.

The Pleasure Hotel accepts all guests looking for a nice, relaxing time!

Yuji is the ultimate host.  He keeps his place clean and tidy, welcomes guests cordially, and throws in extra perks left and right.  Ice cold beverages at a moments notice? Check.  Onsen bath?  Check.  Personal massage?  Double check.  Sawako, who is married but neglected, checks in to unwind while she's away from her cheating husband.  Michiru and Yuka, a lesbian couple with a dark secret come to stay as well, igniting a passionate romance.  What these guests don't know is that Yuji is a peeping tom, and will take any chance he gets to spy on them and catch them in their most compromising situations.  Call for your reservations today!

Starring: Nanami Hirose, Kaoru Majima, Moe Sakura, Tomohiro Okada, and Riry Koda

Stream this film here! 
Download and own this film here!


60 mins.

Mion Hazuki looks like she could kick ass in this outfit!  But, she's only here to love, and to stare into your soul with her gorgeous eyes. She strips for you and shows off her giant rack.  Moa Hoshizora is shy and innocent, but with a secretive playful side.  After seeing Aoi in her sexy swimsuits, you'll want to hit the beach and roll around with her.  A bit bashful, she teases and teases until finally showing off everything she has to offer... well, mostly everything!

Stream this film here! 
Download and own this film here!

Here are some other recent titles we've added!

Uncovered: Tales of the Naked Theater Part 1


My Hero, Chihiro


Film reviews!

If you follow us on social media (which you should, why wouldn't you?!) you will see in the past month we've had a fair amount of reviews of Pink Eiga films published, courtesy of the fine people at Asian Film Vault.  Want to get a deeper understanding of our films?  Check some of these out!  Here is the latest.

Milk the Maid

"The sex scenes are well done and steer away from overly devious behavior, which is a positive, given the nature of Milk. Putting her into more perverse situations would have hurt her innocent nature which drives the film narrative. The script also keeps on a strong moral note with Milk being the catalyst to help bring a family together. The soundtrack plays to the comedic tone, perhaps a bit too much, with an almost vaudeville style, which includes various types of whistles.

Tia, who plays the role of the Baby Angel Milk really steals the show. She is able to bring a certain innocence and aloof nature to the character while still maintaining a strong sexual presence."
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