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Lucky Labor Day


Lucky Labor Day

Labor Day is quickly approaching!

You know what that means, summer is almost over!  We know, it's a bummer, but we won't let it get to us!  There is still more time to go to the pool, beach, lake, wherever there is cool water, to check out some hotties in bikinis.  For everyone else that prefers to stay inside, Pink Eiga is here for you!  Not only do we continue to add crazier and more diverse erotica to our library, but for the next TWO WEEKS, we will be offering a special Labor Day promo, allowing you to enjoy Pink Eiga TV even more!

From now until Friday, September 8th, Pink Eiga TV is offering a FREE download of any of our films, with any download purchase.  At checkout, simply use the promo code luckylaborday   

Check out the simple step-by-step explanation of how to use the promo code and grab your free download!

Add all the films you desire into your shopping cart, including the digital download that you would like to get for free.  See the download page of PinkEiga.TV to browse our films.

Now that you've selected the film, navigate to your shopping cart in order to check out.

Type in the promo code  luckylaborday  into the promo code section.

As you can see above, once you click "add" after typing in the code, 1 of the downloads in your shopping cart is now free! 

 Once your order is complete and accepted, then you can navigate to your profile on PinkEiga.TV.  It's in the top left corner of the page.

Under "My Account," click on "My Videos," and it will take you to a page which lists the downloads that you've purchased.

Now, click on the film you wish to download.

Once you're here, click the download button in the upper right corner, and the video download should start transferring immediately!

Now remember, this deal is only good for 2 weeks, so don't wait too long! Enjoy that long Labor Day Weekend with the help of Pink Eiga TV!

Make sure to check out these new additions to the Pink Eiga TV collection!


19 Fantasies

19 Fantasies is a reality based, independent film project which documents the sexual fantasies of 19 women.  Each woman shares, in interview fashion, her most intimate sexual fantasy in a frank and often explicit manner.  The participants are from all walks of life and represent a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds and personality types.  While there is no nudity in the interview sessions, there is very explicit talk of a highly sexual nature and an audio track with explicit sexual sounds.  Each fantasy includes a beautifully rendered piece of original artwork that depicts the fantasy.


Big Bouncy British Boobs Bonanza

If you're a lover of beautiful females with luscious large funbags (and who isn't') then these two DVDs of BRA-BUSTING BABES with MASSIVE MAMMARIES are right up your alley. 

Slutty Stewardesses

In-Flight Service (1975) - The story of a slutty airline hostess, her sleazier roommate, and the wild party they throw one Halloween. Lustful lunacy produced by the one and only Leonard Kirtman, the Roger Corman of hardcore porn.    Come with Me My Love (1976) - Doris Wishman's mind-melting horror-porn hybrid, crammed full of horny ghosts, sexy shenanigans and enough crazy Wishman magic to make you wonder why you wasted money on film school. 
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