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March Madness Flash Sale


March Madness Flash Sale

Get select films at a very special price!

For the entire month of March, we have selected a very special group of digital downloads that will be discounted.  In case you've been living under a rock, we've released a handful of new titles this year already, and guess what?! You can get these films, along with a selection of Pink classics, for 2$ off!  These new titles include two long awaited sequels, Educating Yuna 2and Uncovered: Tales of the Naked Theater Part 2.  All in all we're running a discount on 10 of our newest and most popular films.  

Check out the special "FLASH SALE" categories on PinkEiga.com andPinkEiga.tv that you can easily navigate to, making it very easy to find which films are included in the sale. 

Japan's favorite nude theater troupe returns!

Uncovered: Tales of the Naked Theater Part 2 is available tostream, and it is also part of our digital download flash sale going on this month!


70 mins.

Taking place a short time after Part 1, Uncovered: Tales of the Naked Theater Part 2 begins during another production from the theater troupe, only they are fully clothed and under new direction.  Tsubasa, the director from the previous film, is still hung up on his muse Ageha, who has quit the troupe.  Sora, a hot young new member of the group, aims to fill Ageha’s shoes and throws herself at Tsubasa. She wants to be as good as Ageha, and will do absolutely anything to get her way.  After an inspiring dream, Tsubasa finishes a script he’s been working on, and sets out to convince Ageha to come back to the theater, even though her husband has forbade her to do so.  Ageha must decide if she loves the theater, and Tsubasa, enough to risk it all and return. 

Watch the trailer!

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