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My Hero Chihiro: New Release!


My Hero Chihiro: New Release!


"My Hero, Chihiro," comes from famed Pink director Mototsugu Watanabe, known for his ridiculous but hilarious comedies (see The Succulent SuccubusMilk the Maid, and Whore Angels, just to name a few).  Chihiro is a lonely housewife, looking for some way to spice up her life.  Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for!  Soon she gets involved with God, who takes the form of a cute and petite girl, as well as the Devil, who tries to steal her soul in exchange for what she wants: to become Japan's biggest idol!  



The film is available to stream as well as to download and own!

More film info:


70 mins.


Chihiro is a bored, unhappy housewife, who is slowly realizing that her life is completely planned out right to the minute. After her husband Toru leaves for work one day, an old co-worker visits Chihiro at home, confessing his love for her and they sleep together.  Chihiro is racked with guilt, but admits that it was her boredom that drove her into the arms of another man, and that she wishes that life would simply disappear.  Suddenly, God arrives in the form of a cute petite girl in a blue dress.  She tells Chihiro that she heard what she said, and that she will make Japan disappear unless she completes this one task: becoming the country's top idol!  Unsure but determined, Chihiro sets out to train and audition to become Japan's newest housewife idol.  Facing some tough challenges, including an encounter with the Devil, Chihiro discovers along her journey what is truly important in her life. This film also features never-before-seen footage of the Devil and God getting down and freaky.


Director: Mototsugu Watanabe (director of many Pink Eiga off-the-wall comedies such as "Sexy Battle Girls" , "Milk the Maid" and "Whore Angels" - just to name a few)


Starring: Rin Sakuragi, Karin Itsuki, Shinobu Igarashi, Tomohiro Okada, Keichan, Astushi Tsuda, and Mari Yamaguchi.


Film reviews from Asian Film Vault 

If you follow us on social media (which you should, why wouldn't you?!) you will see in the past month we've had a fair amount of reviews of Pink Eiga films published, courtesy of the fine people at Asian Film Vault.  Want to get a deeper understanding of our films?  Check some of these out!  Here are just a couple samples.

The Muse

"The acting in general is on a very high level, with Koji Makamura giving a great dramatic performance in the first and last segment, and Naoyuki Chiba in the middle one, highlighting his character's frustration and determination as young Takashima. 

"The Muse" is a great, not just pink, but overall film, which highlights the abilities of the directors in the genre in the most impressive fashion." - Panos Kotzathanasis

The Doll House

"Given the tight budget and restricted shooting time that is an essential defining feature of pinku eiga - but without the political critique of the original cycle of films Hashiguichi produces an entertaining and effective softcore horror film. Using a desaturated cinematic palate of green, browns and yellows for most of the film, and pillow or empty shots to heighten tension, The Doll House foregrounds Japanese cinematic eroticism without bringing the all too common misogyny with it. The emphasis is on Yoko's desire as much as it is Arthur's rather than codifying the conventions of male dominance in pinku eiga." - Colette Balmain

Spotlight on Director Mototsugu Watanabe

Mototsugu Watanabe is a highly revered filmmaker in the Pink Eiga world. A consummate entertainer, he was born December 2nd, 1957 in Tokyo and studied filmmaking at Nihon University. From there he entered Mukai Productions (the ‘father of Pink Eiga’, Hiroshi Mukai’s production company), where he was mentored by such Pink Eiga giants as Hiroshi Mukai, Shuji Kataoka (“S&M Hunter”) and Academy Award® Winner Yojiro Takita (“Departures”).

Watanabe made his directing debut in 1983, going on to direct over 100 films. In 2001 he established his own production company, Nabe Cinema, through which he has actively continued making Pink Eiga in every genre imaginable. As a result, he has large fan following and is regarded as the number one cult Pink Eiga director.

Check out some of Watanabe's best work, at PinkEiga.TV!

Milk the Maid

The Succulent Succubus
The Silence of the Sushi Rolls
Whore Angels
Sexy Battle Girls
Sexy SWAT Team

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