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Pink Eiga Presents: Best Summer Ever!

2018-06-08 News

June gloom? Not if we have anything to do with it!

June getting you down?  Not a fan of the Stanley Cup final, NBA Finals, baseball, or the upcoming World Cup?  Why watch a bunch of sweaty dudes playing with a bunch of balls when you could just watch Pink Eiga TV?! For a limited time, we're discounting a selection of our films.  Stream now or download films like The Japanese Wife Next Door, S&M Hunter, Dependence, and Whore Hospital, for $1.50 off during the summer sale!  

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Asian Film Vault is a wonderful resource of reviews and other content related to a variety of film genres, especially Japanese pink films.   Here's an excerpt from their 2017 review for "Educating Yuna."

"...for fans of the genre who find the erotic scenes to be the biggest draw, and particularly enjoy S&M themed productions, "Educating Yuna" should be essential viewing. As even with my feigning interest in Pink films of this ilk, I am able to acknowledge that the erotic scenes are very well done, and are a step above that found in a lot of other productions. It is particularly praiseworthy that the film is able to keep away from feeling nasty or mean. In a genre where, unfortunately, it is fairly common to have sex scenes seem a bit forced upon the female characters, "Educating Yuna" is free from the guilt that can come from such sequences."

You can read the rest of Adam Symchuk's EDUCATING YUNA review here.

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It also should be noted that the sequel to this film, "Educating Yuna 2" came out this year as well!


We've been adding tons of new offerings to PinkEiga TV recently. Check out some of these new releases from our partners! 

Hot N Horny Girls Next Door



53 mins.

Grab your binoculars and see sexy girls next door undress! What is sexier than watching your hot neighbor stripping down...nothing!

Porno Pajama Pals


54 mins.

Women who work in soft-core erotica strip down for your viewing pleasures.


Thought your summer was getting off to a great start? Well, it is now! With any DVD purchased in our store at PinkEiga.com, you will receive a free digital copy of the same film! This offer is valid through June 30th so hurry up! All domestic orders include FREE SHIPPING.

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