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Pink Eiga's Valentine's Special!


Pink Eiga's Valentine's Special!

Valentine's Day, Pink style

Tomorrow is February 14th, Valentine's Day, and here at Pink Eiga we take this romantic holiday very seriously. Love and Pink Eiga go hand in hand, like chocolate and flowers, or expensive dinner dates and getting laid.  What works better than a Pink film to get you and your loved one in the right mood?? This year we have a few special gifts for our fans.





From now until the end of the month, we have a special promo code that gets you $1 off any item in our store, both on PinkEiga.com and Pinkeiga.tv.  That's right, whether you're in the mood for physical media and want a DVD, or don't want to wait and would rather get an HD stream or download, anything and everything we offer is $1 off.

At checkout, simply type in "pinklove" and you'll get an instant discount of $1! (limit one per person).  

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