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Summer Flash Sale!


Memorial Day Weekend is here!

Summer is pretty much here, and it's time to celebrate.  Yes, you probably want to start up the BBQ, invite your friends over and drink too much.  Everyone does.  Still, the sun will go down eventually, and then what will you do?!  Pink Eiga is here for all your non outdoorsy summer plans.  For a limited time, we're discounting a selection of our films.  Stream now or download films like  My Hero, Chihiro, The Suicide Chain, and Tales of the Peony Lantern for $1.50 off during the summer sale!  

Check out our big PinkEiga TV Flash sale here!

Asian Film Vault is a wonderful resource of reviews and other content related to a variety of film genres, especially Japanese pink films.   Here's an excerpt from their recent review for "The Suicide Chain."

"'The Suicide Chain' seems like a film somewhat lost in time, everything about it seems a bit dated given it's actual release date and I can understand why it slipped under the radar. However, the film boasts a lot of positives and fans of Pink film will find a lot of things to attach onto. The production brought up a lot of nostalgia for the films of my youth that would go on to shape my tastes as I grew older. "

You can read the rest of Adam Symchuk's THE SUICIDE CHAIN review here.

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This film is part of our big FLASH SALE and deeply discounted for a limited time.

We've been adding tons of new offerings to PinkEiga TV recently. Check out some of these new releases from our partners! 

Fetish Femme Fatales


58 mins.

Seductive fetish femme fatales obtain great sexual heights, while stripping and making love to other each other. Hold on as these girls seduce one another in the craziest, wildest, steamiest and most underground fetishistic type of ways. 

Criminal Mind


76 mins.

A psychopath plans to imprison some well known fashion models. His goal is to restrict them both physically and psychologically so that they will give themselves to him. Well-known model Edelweiss falls into his hands. A splendid girl that manages the model comes to free her!

The Order


79 mins.

They submit their victims mercilessly to an overload of sexual pleasure at the behest of their master. Things get a little tricky when the master finds his lost love reincarnated and he will stop at nothing until he has her in his clutches!

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